Images of Lopburi, Thailand, monkey city, former  stronghold of Ayutthaya’s rulers as well as seat of King Narai the Great in the mid-17th century.

Ban Wichayan

Images of Ban Wichayan, residence of French embassy to King Narai in Lopburi.

Phra Narai Ratchanivet

Images of the palace of King Narai in Lopburi, who ruled Ayutthaya from 1656 to 1688. The palace was restored and used as a residence by Rama IV in the mid-19th century.

Prang Sam Yot

Images of the 700 year old Brahmanic triple-prang temple Prang Sam Yot in Lopburi, ostensibly founded by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII. This temple is famous for its marauding macaques.

Wat Phrasrirattana Mahathat

Images of the ruins of the grandiose 800 year-old Wat Phrasrirattana Mahathat, Lopburi’s oldest temple.